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Live Body Art Shows

Be  entranced and  inspired by the breath-taking, INTRICATE and ever unique VISIONARY ART created live by the remarkable UV World Champion body artist Andra. With incredible speed, FREEHAND SYMMETRY and intuition, witness her vision come to life as she ambidextrously transforms her human canvases into spectacularly enticing, psychedelic displays of GEOMETRY. Each design completely SPONTANEOUS, Andra channels her art by tuning in with the environment and vibe, each time turning her models into completely UNIQUE masterpieces. 

Be further captivated as Andra's creation is bought to life through intricate choreography by EVOCATIVE and dynamic dancers. Embodying the mystical creatures of Andra's visions, this jaw-dropping fusion of creation in movement is guaranteed to mesmerise and enchant any audience.

Available for Private and Corporate Events.

Andra has created UV shows for a myriad of events across the world, including:

Babylon Festival Main Stage UV Aerial Performance (AUSTRALIA)

OZORA Festival- Main Stage UV Live Body Art & Tribal Fusion Performance (HUNGARY)

MoDem Festival Live UV BodyArt Performance (CROATIA)

AlDar Islands Bahrain UV Live BodyArt Full Moon Island Party (BAHRAIN)

Transylvania Calling Festival UV Body Art & Tribal Belly Dance Performance (ROMANIA)

Rainbow Serpent Festival Fiasco Stage UV Live Body Art and Hoop Performance (AUS)

Tanglewood NY Festival Main Stage Performance (AUS)

World BodyPainting Festival UV Show: Utopia, The Kingdom Within (AUSTRIA)

Esoteric Festival Main Stage Live UV Body Art and Dance Performance  (AUS) 

Subsonic Music Festival Closing Main Stage Performance (AUS)

Stacks On Festival Main Stage Performance  (AUS)

Grouch In Dub Launch: Main Stage Live UV Body Painting (AUS)

Tree Of Life Festival Body Painting Makeovers (TURKEY)

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