World Bodypainting Festival 2017-2018 


      Australian Body Art Awards 2016

Andra Budaie is an international visionary artist specialising in fine art body painting, avant-garde make-up and UV-reactive painting for a wide variety of creative projects and events. 

This artform has her painting around the world, regularly touring Europe, as well as the Middle East and Australia where she is currently based.


She is wholeheartedly dedicated to bringing out the best in her work for her clients. This means every artwork is unique, whether it be a quick face design or an intricate full body painting. There are no shortcuts or compromises on quality. Andra chooses to honour each connection with the individual. She does not work off templates, pre-designed work or outsourced designs (unless it is the client's wish to do so). Her forte is intuitive creation, so expect incredible versatility.


Her passion, talent and dedication to originality have, among other achievements, gained her the title of UV world champion, as well as Australia's best UV body artist!


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